How to Run Specific Program Automatically at User Log On in Windows 7

You can Run a Specific program Automatically at user log on. This is very useful feature in windows 7. You can set different -2 Program to the Different -2 user. On the Single system each user can get own Specific program at Log On time. With the of group policy you can set startup program at user logon. There is some organization which only assign specific application for specific user. So that user can not open another program in a organization because of security features. now follow below steps…. 

Run Specific Program Automatically at User Log On


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1. Click on Start, then type gpedit.msc in the search Option, then press Enter.


2. On the Local Group Policy editor Window, Navigate User Configuration => Administrative Templates => system => Logon, then In the Right pane Double-Click on Run these program at user logon.


Set Startup Program

3. Now Click on Enabled Radio button, then Click on Show….

Run Specific Program Automatically at User Log On
4. On the Show Content Window you have to Enter Executable File name of program which you want to Run at LogOn time .
Application name                         Executable file Name

Microsoft Word                                    winword.exe
Internet Explorer                                  iexplore.exe

Enter these Executable file name of the Program in the Value box, then Click on Ok

Run Specific Program Automatically at User Log On





5. Now Close Group Policy Editor Windows.


Now Restart Restart or Logoff your Windows 7 PC, Then you will see both program 1. Microsoft word and Internet Explorer will open automatically. There is no need to open manually. It will save your valuable time. Now have learn that how to run specific program automatically at User Log on with the help of this article.

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