How to Record Mac OS X Screen Using Quick Time Player

Quick Time Player is the best Application to Record Mac OS X Screen. There is many recording feature in Quick Time Player just like You can Make Video, Record Audio and Capture desktop screen. You can Record Screen in Mac OS X with your Audio. Its a best way to make Computer Tutorial Video. This Tutorial video will be helpful in future when you will try to perform your task. This feature is very useful for record live streaming such as cricket , Movie etc.



 Record Mac OS X Screen

1. First of Launch Quick Time Player Application in your Mac OS X , Then Click on File Menu and then Click on New Screen Recording Option.
Screen Record In Mac OS X
 2. Now Screen Recording Windows will Pop-up then Click on Tingle button for Audio Input setting, Select Audio option Built-in Line Input: Line In.
Screen Record Using Quick Time Player
3. After Selection Click on Red Round Button to Record Desktop Screen .
Screen Record Using Quick Time Player
4. Now it will show the message Click to Record the Full Screen. Drag to record part of the Screen. End Recording by Click the Stop button in the Menu Bar. Now Double-Click on Desktop to Start Recording.
 5. Now After Complete Recording, Click on Stop Button on Menu Bar to Stop Recording. 
Press Command + Control + Escape Key to Stop recording.
Stop Screen Record Using Quick Time Player
After stopped it will show whatever you have been record then Click on Close Button then It will pop-up for save your Recording, choose destination where you want to save and then Click on Save Button.
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