How to Create Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 7 in Certain Time

You can Create Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 7  in a certain time. Its a Very Easy steps to create task. suppose your are downloading anything on your computer then you can set time that after downloading your computer will shutdown. Task Scheduler is an Inbuilt feature in windows 7 to create task ……


Create Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 7


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1. Click on Start Button , then Type Task Scheduler in search Box and then Click on Task scheduler .




















2. Now on Task Scheduler Windows , Click on Action Menu Bar and then Click on Create Basic Task… .






















3. Now Type the Name of Task like Ex – Shutdown Computer .





















4. Now on the Task Trigger Windows , You have to select time when your computer will Shutdown or Restart .


  • If you will Select daily then your computer will shutdown automatic at 10:45 AM .
  • If you will choose weekly then your computer will shutdown automatic at 10:45 AM Every Week .
  • If you will select Monthly then Your Computer will Shutdown automatic at 10:45 Every month .

I am going to select One Time and then Click on Next .
























5. Now you have to Choose Date and time to shutdown Computer Automatically at Given Time , and then Click on Next .


Example – date 3/7/2014  and time 10:45:00 AM























6. Now Click on Start a Program and then Click on Next .






















7. Now on the Start a Program Option Type Shutdown.exe at Program/script: , then Type /s /f at  Add argument and then Click on Next .

/s – Shutdown the Computer
/f –  Force Shutdown and Terminate all Open Application .


8.  Now Verify all setting and then Click on Finish .






















9.  Now Task Has been Done and your computer will shutdown at Date 3/7/2014 time 10:45:00 AM .
When It will Going to Shutdown then Will Pop Up Massage before shutdown .


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