How to Change Mac Address of Computer on Windows 7

Mac ( Media Access Control) is the Physical address of the Computer. You can change Mac Address of Computer. Its a Unique address which is used to Identifies computer in Network. Mac Address is 48 Bit Address.  Its a 12 digit number combine with latter and Numeric.Your computer can be track by Mac Address. If you want to block particular computer from Router then you can block that computer with the help of Mac Address.
Only I am going to tell you how to change mac address but I recommend you that Don’t change Mac address of your computer. Because its a Unique address provide by IEEE and Manufacturer.
Change Mac Address of Computer

You can see Mac Address in below Image before change. Below Image showing Mac Address of Network Adapters before change.

Change Mac Address

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Change Mac Address of Computer


1. First of all Click on Start Button then Right-click on Computer and then Click on Manage.
Or Press Windows  + R Key to Open Run Command, then Type compmgmt.msc and then Press Enter.
Change Mac Address of Computer
Now your Computer Management  windows will Display.
2. Now on the Computer Management Windows Under System tools, Click on Device Manager, then Navigate Network Adapters and then Right-click on the Network Adapters Driver which is Installed and then Click on Properties .
Change Mac Address
3. Now on the Network Adapters Properties Windows Click on Advance Tab then Select Network Address from the Property box then you will see that in the Value field default Mac Address showing.

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  • Now to Change Mac Address type new Mac Address in the Value Field without colon or dash(-) . Simply you will have to put without space and Only 12 digit Value. and then Click on Ok .
Change Mac Address of Computer
4 Now you will have to Restart Computer the you will see that Mac Address has been changed.
Change Mac Address





Note-  Every Network Adapters does not support to change Mac Address this way. 
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