How to Get Word Meanings In Chrome with Google Dictionary

Get Word Meanings In Chrome with the help of the Google Dictionary quickly. To get this things you will have to Add Google Dictionary extension on your Web Browser. When you are reading anythings like News and article because of now a days everyone like to read anythings online. if you don’t know meaning of a word then just double-click on the word and then it will pop-up definition of the word. Its a great feature which is save our times to search meanings of the word. 



Add Google Dictionary Extension In Chrome

1. First of all Click here to Download Google Dictionary extension
2. Now Click on Free+ Button to Install it. After that it will prompt for Confirm to add Extension now click on Add Button.

3. Now After Successfully Install, you will see that Small Icon of Google dictionary on right-top corner in Google Chrome.



4. To do more setting in this Extension first click on Google Chrome Menu and then Click on Settings.

Then on the Left pane click on Extensions and then Click on Option in Google Dictionary section.
5. Now you can select change setting according to you, You can select Language and other pop-up setting. and then click on Save Button
Now Reload your Browser.

Get Word Meanings online

6.. Now you are reading any Article or News then you can get Meaning of word just double-click on that. 
Now You can see that when you double-click on Think word it Will pop-up definition of that word.
7. There is also a great feature on this extension is that you can definition and meaning of any word , with Click on Extension icon on the Address bar of the browser and then type the word which you want to get definition and then Click on Define button or Press Enter.  
Now you have seen that both feature in this extension to get quick definition of the word. Its very useful and helpful for increase our knowledge.
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