Get a new Airtel 4G with a Tweet

Get a new Airtel 4G with a Tweet


Since the telecom industry hit the market, there have been a lot of changes, or you may call it the revolutionary updates which have turned the tables around. There are a lot of Telecom networks in the market which are providing a genuine service to their users. Airtel is one of those big brands in the telecom industry, which have always introduced speed to its service.

Internet from Computer to Mobile

I still remember when Airtel introduced its small tariffs of internet pack having a limited downloading speed. That was the time was the 2G internet network made its way into the newly launched multimedia devices. This was the first step where India initiated towards the mobilized internet.

In this world where people are running to fetch the best, they also get used to everything very quickly. It was Airtel, which asked us to forget 2G and switch to the 3G network within a very short period of time. Now that we all are aware about the Airtel Network covering all the edges of the country, It has introduced its 4G network and not to forget, its amazing.

Switch from 3G to 4G

Get a new Airtel 4G with a Tweet

I own a mobile handset which supports LTE (4G) and it is the time for me to switch from the current 3G Airtel network to 4G. You can actually make the most of your LTE enabled handsets.

Tweet to get an Airtel 4G SIM for free

Here is a very important question for you. Do you own a 4G enabled handset? If your answer is “Yes”, then you cannot afford to miss what Airtel is giving you. If your handset supports only 3G, Airtel has worked over the 3G network quality to serve you better.

Well, here’s a classic 4G deal for all. Login to your Twitter account, and tell Airtel about your requirement. Tweet with a hash tag #GetAirtel4G on the twitter handle @AirtelIndia. Here is the example for you.

“Loved 3G, Hello @AirtelIndia, it’s time to #GetAirtel4G”

A couple of my friends have already tweeted with #GetAirtel4G and they’ve got a new 4G SIM at their place within 4 Hrs. I am going to tweet after I share this needful information with all my readers. Switch to the fastest network and let me know your feedback in the form of comments.

The technology is changing and it will keep its speed intact. We just hope that networks like Airtel are introduced in the country and make it a lot more lightning fast in the coming days.

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