How to Find Mac Address of Computer In Mac OS X

Mac(Media Access Control) Address is the unique identification of the Computer. Find Mac Address in Mac OS easy. Its also know as Physical Address. Its assign to the LAN card or NIC (Network Interface Card ) of your computer. Its 48 Bit address and divided into  6 Octed. Now in this post i am going to tell you how to find Mac Address In Mac OS X.

 Find Mac Address In Mac OS X

 What is MAC Address
1.  First of All Click on Apple Menu and then Click on System Preferences….
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2. Now on the System Preferences Windows, Click on Network Option under Internet & Wireless sections.
3. Now you have to select Active Connection, In my case Ethernet is Active and I have selected Ethernet connection and then Click on Advanced.
 4. Now on the Network Windows, Click on Hardware tab, then You will get Mac address of your computer. Its a 12 character divided by Colon (:) .
 You have got Mac address of your Computer in Mac OS X , Its very Easy to Find i Think you love this Post.
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