What Is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol

FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) used over the Internet to transfer Files. FTP Uses the Internet’s TCP/IP protocol to enable transfer. The User can download a file from a server or upload a file from using FTP. Although transferring files from one computer to another computer simply. Some Problem arise, they are.

  • Two system may use different file conversion.
  • Two system may have different way to represent text and data.
  • Two system may have different dictionary structures.

All these problem have been solve by FTP. FTP establish two connection between computers. One connection is used for transferring data and the other for sending control information, such as commands and responses. This type of separation between commands and data transfer makes the FTP to operate more efficiency.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Communication.

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There are two machine, a client machine and a server machine that are involve in a FTP communication. 

File Transfer Protocol

The client has three components namely the use interface, client control process and the client data transmission process. The server has two components, they are data transfer process and server control process. The control connection is made between the control processes, and the data connection is made between the transmission processes. During the whole interactive FTP session, the control connection remain connected. The each data transfer between the client and server, the data connection is opened and then closed.The Connection is established when the user start an FTP Session if there are many file to be transmitted the data connection can be opened and closed multiple times.

How FTP Works

File Transfer Protocol

There are two machine, Client and Server that are involve in an FTP transaction. The client machine is the machine machine that always initiates the data transfer for example, uploading and downloading of a file. To determine the usage of GET and Put Command. It is important to know which machine is the client and which machine is the server. To Get and PUT command are used to download the data and upload the data respectively. To Copy files from the server to client. get command is used. The Put command is used to copy files from the client to the server. 

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