What is Enhance interior gateway protocol(EIGRP)

Enhance interior gateway protocol(EIGRP) is a balance hybrid protocol and also CISCO properties protocol it means this protocol only can support Cisco environment or Cisco devices . to find the best path it uses lowest metric if the Router has multiple link then the best path is  selected on the basis of the lowest metric. it is include the subnet mask in its routing update .

Enhance interior gateway protocol

Balance hybrid protocol is a protocol which uses both the properties distance vector and link-state protocol are known as balance hybrid protocol .

Properties of EIGRP 
  • It is support classless network.
  • It is also support VLSM and CIDR.
  • It is support authentication .
  • its A.D value is 90.
  • Its default hop count is 100 and max 255.
  • It is send incremental update.
  • It is loop free protocol because it doesn’t support periodic update. 


EIGRP Routing protocol


EIGRP Metric
To calculate the metric value for select the best path it is uses combination of four
  • Bandwidth  
  • Delay
  • Load 
  • Reliability
Bandwidth is the amount of data which is transfer in the certain amount of time is known as bandwith.   EIGRP select lowest bandwidth in the calculation of bandwidth.
Delay is the elapsed time of the packet from the sender to receiver is known as delay . the delay used by the EIGRP in metric calculation its divided by 10.
Load is the actual traffic  present over the line is known as load.it is calculated in the fraction of 255.
1/255= 0% load
Reliability is the term which is define the reliability of any route it depend upon the error experienced by rout it is also calculated in the fraction of 255.
            255/255= 100% reliable
EIGRP component
Protocol dependent module-: EIGRP support different protocol IP,IPX, Apple talk which responsible for routing specific task EIGRP as different module or different protocol like IPX , EIGRP , Apple talk
RTP(Reliability transport protocol)-: It is a protocol used by the EIGRP to ensure the delivery is going as reliable and in a sequence EIGRP used hello message to find the neighbor . it uses multicast delivery with the help of multicast  address hello are sent as multicast.

Neighbor Discovery-:  After finding the neighbor relation known as adjacency after the information of adjacency router exchange their database with each other and update routing table . If one neighbor does not give reply of the hello message which are send as multicast then the router send 15 multicast message to that particular neighbor .

DUAL( Diffusing algorithm)-: Dual provide fast converging process to EIGRP algorithm . It is totally different in compare of bollan ford algorithm  (RIP).

Note- EIGRP uses 50% bandwidth for its own processing it is heavy protocol mainly it is uses in the large network . EIGRP uses autonomous system to represent their Router it has the range of 1-65535 all the router must use the same A.S.

See also-: EIGRP.PPT file1   EIGRP.PPT file2

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