How to Encrypt USB Drive with BitLocker In Windows 7

Bitlocker is the great feature to Encrypt USB  Drive with BitLocker In Windows 7. you can protect your contents in windows 7 with the help of BitLocker. BitLocker is option is only available in  Ultimate and Enterprise Edition of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Its a very easy to protect your Flash removable USB Drive in Windows 7.
BitLocker USB Drive Encryption


 Encrypt USB  Drive with BitLocker In Windows 7

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1. Insert your USB Flash Drive an then Go to My Computer .
2. Now Right-click on USB Drive and then Click on Turn on BitLocker…
3. Now After initialization USB Drive, Setup Password to Unlock Encrypted  USB Drive .
Select Use a Password to Unlock the drive check Box and then type you Password, and then Click on Next . 
4. Now will Prompt a Windows to Store Recovery Key which is use to in case of forgate Bitlocker Password . 
Click on Save the recovery key to a file , Select the Defferent drive to save recovery key file and then Click on Next .
5. Now it will again ask that are you ready to encrypt this drive and then Click on Start Encryption Button .
6. Now Encryption Progress is going on let to do complete it , After completion it will prompt massage Encryption Complete .
7. After Encryption Complete BitLocker will Prompt Confirmation Dialog Box .

8. Now you will see that Your USB Drive has been Encrypted, Gold lock is the Indication of the USB Drive is Encrypted .

9. Now if you will try to open Encrypted USB Drive then it will ask Password to Unlock Encrypted drive .
Put Password and then click on Unlock .


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