How to Enable Remote Desktop Access on Mac OS X

Enable Remote Desktop Access in Mac OS is the best way to share your Mac OS Screen within your Local Network. If you want to control your Mac OS from other Computer in your network then you will have to Enable Remote Desktop. Remote access is the great feature to troubleshoot your computer and resolve problem. You can also access your Mac OS from Windows PC with the help of Screen sharing feature. Requirement is that both Computer should be in your Local network and have IP address.

Enable  Remote Desktop Access on Mac OS

1. First of all Open Mac OS X , then Click on Apple Menu and then Click on System Preferences.

Apple Menu

2. Now  on the System Preferences Windows Click on Sharing Option.

Sharing Option

3. Now on the Sharing Windows Click on Remote Management Check box to enable it.

  • Now on the Allow access for option,  Select All User Radio button.


If you want share with specific user then Select “Only these users:”  then Click on + button to add user to whom you wan to share.

  • Now Click on Computer Settings….  

enable Remote desktop

4. Now Select VNC viewers may control screen with password check Box, Then Put Password and then Click on OK. This password will ask when you access this PC via VNC.

Set VNC Password

5.  Now your Setup has been Completed. Close your System Preferences windows .

Access Remote on Mac OS X 


1. Go to your client Mac OS from which you have to access. then Click on Go Menu bar then Click on Connect to Server. 

Access Remote Desktop

2. Now Put VNC://”IP Address” –  (IP address of the PC which you have enable Remote Access)  and then Click on Connect button.


Access Remote PC

3. Now It will ask for Authentication, Put User Account name and Password of your Remote Computer. now  enjoy with your remote desktop.

Access  Mac OS Remote from Windows PC


1. To Access Mac OS from Windows PC via VNC , First You will have to Install VNC Viewer on your Windows PC then launch VNC Viewer.

2. Now in the VNC Server Field Put the IP Address of Remote Desktop then Click on Connect.

Access Remote Desktop Via VNC

Now you will see that Mac OS X Remote Desktop has been access on your Windows PC , You can control everything remotely your remote PC.

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