How to Enable Disk Quota management in Window 7

Enable Disk Quota management in Window 7 is the way to give disk limit to the particular user. After Enable Disk Quota user can not be copy data on disk beyond limit. Disk Quota is Control by Administrator, administrator allow user to Limit of Disk Space. Suppose in office user download unnecessary files and Video on hard drive then administrator can restrict user to allow limited Disk space that user.
To Enable Disk Quota management in windows 7. Drive Should be Formatted NTFS in Which Drive you want to enable Quota.


Enable Disk Quota Management 

1. Click on My Computer , then Right Click on Drive , then click on Properties.

2. Click on Quota tab,  Then Click on Show Quota setting.
Enable Disk Quota In management
3. Select Enable Quota management Check box to Enable Quota management.
    Select Deny space to users exceeding quota limit to prevent user from Download more data from limit.
    Select Limit Disk space to and  then Set Warning level.
    Select Log event when a user exceeds their limit then select Log event when user exceeds their warning Level check box.
    Click on Quota Entries..
Enable Disk Quota In management
4. Click on Quota then Click on New Quota Entries. 
Enable Disk Quota In management
5.Click On Advance then click on Find Now . then selec user whom to you want to set Quota limit. then Click on Ok , then OK.
6. Select Limit Disk space to Radio button , then set Limit and then Set warning level, then Click on Ok
Enable Disk Quota In management
7. Click On Apply , then OK.
Now when user will try to copy data then it will show warning message when reach warning limit.  
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