How To Enable and Disable Taskbar Button Group in Windows 7

[post_ad]When more then one Similer Program Open in windows 7 just Example multiple Internet Explorer then all Internet Explorer Icon will be in the group  on Taskbar . if you want to Disable Grouping of program Button on task the it will show seperate icon of Similer program on taskbar . First let me Explain means of group of Similer program in exmaple ..


If  Enabled Taskbar Icon Group of Similer Program – You are seeing below image Similer program icon will be  in the  Group .

If Disabled Taskbar Icon Group – You are seeing below image Similer program icon are not in the Group .

Follows these steps to Enable and Disable taskbar button grouping

1.  First Right-click on Taskbar and then Click on Propertise .

2. Now Click on the Taskbar tab , then Click on Drop-down menu in Taskbar buttons Section .

To Enable Taskbar Group Always  – Select Always Combine , hide Lables .
To Disable Taskbar Group               – Select Never Combine .

3. After Selection Click on Apply and then OK

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Rakesh Kumar
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