How to Disable USB Storage Device On Mac OS X

Disable USB Storage Device on Mac OS X is the best way to protect your Important data from unauthorized access. If you will disable USB Storage like, USB Flash Drive, Memory Card, CD/DVD then after insert it computer will not detect and show. But on USB Port your Keyboard and Mouse will Proper work. You can also Prevent your PC from Virus and trojan to block mass storage devices. Mostly offices and college keep disable Mass storage device to protect Important data.  

Disable USB Storage Device On Mac OS X


1. First of all Launch Mac OS X with Administrator Account.

2. Now Click on Go Menu and then Click on Go to Folder, to open specific folder in mac OS.

Disable USB Storage Device on Mac OS X


3. Now on the Go to the folder field type Path of the Folder and then Click on Go button.


Disable USB Storage Device on Mac OS X


4. Now you will see Extensions folder has been open, Scroll down and find




File and then Both File Drag or Move to Trash.

Disable USB Storage Device on Mac OS X


5. Now Empty Trash and then Reboot your PC then Now whenever you will try to insert USB Storage Device on Mac OS X Pc then it will not Detect.

Block USB Port Using Terminal on Mac OS X 


1. First of all Open Terminal on your Mac OS PC on which you have to Disable USB Port. now Type and Run Below Command on Terminal Windows.

CP /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBMassstorageClass.kext ~/backup/ 

Sudo srm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext

Sudo touch /Sytem/Library/Extensions

2. Now Reboot your Mac OS X PC.

Now USB Stoarage Device has been Blocked, Now one can trannsfer data from your Mac PC to Any removeable storage Device.

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