How to Disable Internet Explorer In Windows 7

Now days some of popular web browser running instead of Instead off Internet explorer. you can Disable Internet Explorer In Windows 7. if don’t want to use internet Explorer. Disable does not means that completely uninstall from your computer . when you will want to use it then you can enable.
Disable Internet Explorer


Disable Internet Explorer In Windows 7

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1. Click on Start Button then go to Control Panel.
2. Now Click on Program and Features icon from Control Panel Window .
3.  Now click on  Turn Windows features on or off  from the Program and Features windows .
4.  Now You have to Uncheck Internet Explorer Check Box then Click on OK and then Click on Yes on Popup Windows .
5. Now Click on Ok then it will pop progress notification .
6 .   Now at Final Steps it will ask to Restart Computer then Click on Restart Now button .
After Restart your computer your will see that Internet Explorer has been disable.

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