Difference between Public IP Address and Private IP address

Difference Between Public IP Address and Privet IP Address. IP(Internet protocol) address is an logical address which is provide unique identification to our computer. It is used to communicate with other device in network. Every Computer has it own Unique address know as IP Address. Its divided into 4 part know as Octets. 

Public IP Address and Private IP address

Difference between Public IP Address and Private IP address

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Public IP address

Public IP address is a address that can be accessible by everyone over the Internet. Public IP address provide by the ISP (Internet service Provider). ISP responsible for the registering IP address rang to provide the Orgnization.

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Privat IP Address 

Privatet IP address assign to the Local Area network which can be accessible only with in the Local area network. Its can’t be access by outside of Local area network. Device which has private IP Address can’t access internet Directly.

 Rang of Privet area network 

Class A         –         to

Class B         –     to
Class C         –  to

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