Difference between Outlook Express and MS Outlook

In this article you will learn Difference between Outlook Express and MS Outlook. There is lots of difference which i have describe below. Outlook express is old version which is inbuilt feature of Windows operating system.

Difference between Outlook Express and MS Outlook

Outlook Express

  • Outlook Express is the E-mail Client Basically it is design for Home purpose.
  • Outlook Express is Combined with Window Operating System.
  • Outlook Express can not connect with Microsoft Exchange server for E-mail.
  • Outlook Express can send and Receive mail from Multiple Account.
  • Outlook Express File extension  .dbx (Data base extension).
  • Outlook Express can not be support Voice  mail.
  • Outlook Express is design to support SMTP, IMAP and POP3 protocol.
  • Outlook Express can not be manage Contact,Task and Calendar etc

Microsoft Outlook 
  • MS Outlook is also E-mail Client But it Design for Business Purpose.
  • MS Outlook is Combined with MS office and Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • MS Outlook can connect with Microsoft Exchange server for E-mail.
  • It is also can send and receive mail from Multiple Account.
  • MS Outlook File Extension is .Pst(Personal Storage Table).
  • MS Outlook can be manage Contact, Task and Calendar etc.
  • MS Outlook support Voice mail facility .
  • MS Outlook also Design to support SMTP, IMAP and POP3 Protocol.

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