Difference between Hub and Switch In Computer Networking

Going to describe difference between Hub and Switch. HUB And Switch both are used to connect two or more then two computer Together to communicate with each other. When all computer connected in Network with Switch or Hub then it can be share data information with each other. There is following difference between switch and hub.

Difference between Hub and Switch

Difference between Hub and Switch


  • HUB is a least expansive device.
  • It used to connect segment of a LAN.
  • When frame come to a port then hub transmit that frame to all outgoing port.
  • It is a half duplex device.
  • It is a layer one device of OSI model.
  • Its a Single Collision Domain.
  • When Computer a will transfer data to computer B and then at same time if computer B Send data to Computer A then Data will collide together and will not reach on destination.


  • Switch is a expansive device comprises to hub.
  • Its Create MAC Table to  identifies destination of data. 
  • When Data will send to Particular computer ( Computer B) then data will go to Computer B port instead of All port. 
  • Switch is used to filter and forward packet between the LAN segment.
  • If user A send any packet to user B then then it will examine on which port user B is connected then switch forward that packet only that port  instead of all out going port.
  • It is a full duplex device.
  • Its Single Seprate Collision Domain and Single Broadcast Domain.
  • It is a layer one device of OSI model

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