Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions and Answers will help to get easy job in this field. These are the selected Question which are generally ask in Interview.

1. What is Operating System ?

Ans- Operating System is a most important Program that Run on the Computer Hardware to intract with User. It is manage all program on the computer. without operating system computer is useless . when you start your computer then it will boot with Opearting System.
such as – Windows 98 , Windows XP, Windows 7 , Linux , MacOS etc.

Ans –  

Windows XP Home 
1. Windows XP home not support Remote Desktop .
2. Windows Xp home not support Encryption .
3. Only can Create Workgroup Member .
4. ASR ( Automated System Recovery Option is available ).
5. Offline file sharing option is not available .
6. Support only Single processor
7. It is not support Dynamic Disk .
Windows XP Professional 
1. It is Support Remote Desktop .
2. It is Support Encryption.
3. You can create Workgroup and Domain group member .
4. ASR is Available .
5. Offline File option is available .
6. It is support Multiple precessor .
7. It is support Dynamic Disk .
3.What is Difference between FAT 16 and FAT 32


FAT 16


  • Max Size of Partition 4GB 
  • Max Size of File 2GB
  • It is Original File System used in DOS .
  • It is use 16 Bit address Bus .
FAT 32
  • Max sizeof Partition 
  • Max size of File 8GB
  • It is uses 32 Bit address


4. What is NTLDR File .
Ans- NTLDR stand for NT Loader . NTLDR is a Main Bootloader file of Operating System . Its a run from Harddisk .Windows NT , 2000 , XP  boot from NTDLR file . when NTLDR file will be currupt then its showing error at booting time NTLDR Missing .
5. What is difference Between Serial Port and Parrallal port ?
Ans-  Serial Port – Serial Port transmit data in a serial form . It transfer data one Bit at a time . it is transfer data one bit after another Bit .  Its a Slower then parraller Port . its a 9 Pin or 25 Pin male connector .
Parrallel port- Parrallel port transmit data in parrellel form .it is transfer data 8 bit at a time . it is faster then Serial port . its a 25 pin female Connector .
5. What is path of Host File in Windows .
Ans- path : C:WindowsSystem32driversetc
where C: is a System root drive ,

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