How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

If you want to delete Gmail account Permanently Then you can delete it simply . You will have to make sure there is no important mail with that account. if you have Important mail then you will have to take backup otherwise your mail will be delete permanently. 
If you are not using a Gmail account then you should be delete it to save it from unauthorized access.  unauthorized access means any one can use your gmail account and can do illegal thing from your account. To save form it you will have to delete it permanently. 

Delete Gmail Account Permanently

1. First Login with your Gmail account which you want to delete.

2. Now Click on Gmail account user name. Then Click on Account.

Delete Gmail Account Permanently

3. Now in the account tab , Click on Close account and delete all services and information associated with it.

Delete Gmail Account Permanently

4. Now please read and take action carefully, then Select services which you want to delete , then Enter your current Password Select Yes, I want to delete my account, then select Yes, I action acknowledge that i am still responsible for any changes incurred due to any pending financial transactions, and then Delete Google Account.

Delete Gmail Account Permanently
Now your Gmail account has been deleted Permanently.
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