How to Delete Browsing History in Google Chrome

You can Delete Browsing History In Google Chrome. Its a best way to prevent other user to view your search history. Suppose you have visited some confidential Websites then anther user can view your website in Google Chrome History. 

Delete Browsing History in Google Chrome


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1. Open Google chrome , then Click on Wrench menu on the Top Right Corner , then Click on Tools and then click on Clear browsing data ..

Delete Browsing History in Google Chrome
2. Click on Check box which you want to delete , then Click on Clear browsing data .
There is option which you can delete listed below
  • Browsing History 
  • Download History
  • Cookies and other sites and Plug-in Data – Cookies is used to store Websites Information on your PC. Its just a small files. Its used to remember your search data and preferences.
  • Cache Image and Files
  • Password
  • Autofill Form Data – Autofill Form data is the inbuilt Feature in Google Chrome which is used to Save your Autofill Form Such as – Credit card Information, Address, etc.
  • Hosted App Data
  • Content Licenses 

Also there is option is that you can select time duration to delete browsing history such as Past an hour, Past a week , a last 4 week, the beginning of the time.

Delete Browsing History in Google Chrome

After successfully completed you will see that your all Browsing History, Password, Autofill Form etc has been deleted.


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