How to Delete and Detach Virtual Hard Drive in windows 7

[post_ad]We have already learned How to Create Virtual Hard Drive in  windows 7 . Now we will learn about how to Delete and detach VHD . If we will Deatch VHD then it will delete from Disk Management not from my computer , If  we will Delete VHD then it will Delete from Disk Management as well as my Computer.

Follow these steps to Detach and Delete VHD ………..

1.  Click on Start Button, then Right-Click on My computer and then Click on Manage .

2. Click on Disk management on Computer management windows , then Right-click on VHD and then Click on Detach VHD .


To Detach VHD

3. Now New Wizard Open  Simply Click on OK to Detach VHD .


To Delete VHD 

4. After Step 2 , On New wizard Select Delete the Virtual hard disk file after Removing the Disk  check Box and then Click on Ok .


Now you will see that VHD has been deleted from Computer Management as well as My Computer 

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Rakesh Kumar
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