Data Recovery

Top 3 Proven Methods to Undelete External Drive Data

How to undelete data from external hard drive

Proven Methods to undelete External Drive Data? There are several methods to undelete data from the external hard drives. What are they? Are they always retrieve the deleted/lost data from the hard drive? The blog highlights some of the proven…
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How to Backup Your Mac OS With Time Machine

You can backup your Mac OS with Time machine very easily. Time Machine is the feature through which you can take Image and data backup. Its a inbuilt feature in Mac OS X. it will keep secure your all backup…
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How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages

Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages feature is available in WhatsApp. Its Become one of the most Popular chat Messenger over the world. You can take backup of your Important chat conversion. Suppose your Chat Conversion deleted by mistake then you…
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