How to Create Quiz In Excel 2007

MS Excel is great Program to Create Quiz In Excel 2007 . Its a best way and completely free to create quiz over the world. It MS Excel Spreadsheet is very easy to create question and set correct and wrong answer information . You can also create self scoring in excel. Its a great way to analyze your self . It will automatic show you given answer write or wrong.

Create Quiz In Excel 2007


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1. Open blank Spreadsheet in Excel, then Create Question in Column A , Create  Column B for Answer , Create Column C for Result like Correct or Incorrect Answer .
Now Type the in the A1 Cell = Question  , B1 = Answer , C1 = Result  .
Now Type First Question in Cell A2 
Type the Second Question in Cell  A3 
Type the Third Question in Cell  A4
2. Now Type the logical Formula to get result in Cell C3 for Question 1 .
Example – =if(c3=Answer ,”correct”,”Incorrect”)
Now type the Logical formula =if(c3=7 ,”correct”,”Incorrect”) in Cell c3 
Type the Logical Formula =if(c4=”Network Layer” ,”correct”,”Incorrect”) in Cell c4
Type the Logical Formula =if(c5=32 ,”correct”,”Incorrect”) in Cell c5
3. Now If you want to get Score Point then Put the Formula in the Corresponded cells
Formula Ex – =If(c3=”correct”,1,0)
In this formula if your answer will Correct then score will 1 and for incorrect Answer score will 0 .
Now Type the Formula =if(c3=”correct”,1,0) for Question 1
type the Formula           =if(c4=”correct”,1,0) for Question 2 
type the Formula           =if(c5=”correct”,1,0) for Question 3 
4. If you want to get Total Score of Quiz  then select the Cell in which you to get Total Score then type below formula and then press Enter .
5. If you want to Get Percentage of your Quiz total  score then Select Cell where and put below Formula .
Example  -:    =(Total Score Cell*100)/Number of Total Question .
Now Put below formula in selected Cell  for percentage of Total Score and then press Enter .
6. Now you have got Percentage of your Quiz . 
Now your quiz has been Completed now play Quiz and Analyze your self and get self score .


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