How to Create New User Account in Mac OS X Lion

In this post you will learn how to create new user account in Mac OS X lion. Sometimes only one user account administrator created by default. You are a administrator of your PC. If you wan to share your PC with other person, but you don’t want to share your password, files and document. Then you will have to create new user account in Mac OS X. Then you can keep your document and files in your user account. And another user will keep their document in his own account. With the help of this feature you can share your PC and keep your personal files secure. Its a best feature of Mac OS X operating System.

Create New User account in Mac OS X

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1. First You have to Login with Administrator Account .

2. Now Click on Apple Button and then Click on System Preferences….
3. Now Click on Users & Groups Under System Section .
Create New User account in Mac OS X

 Mac OS X User Account

4. Now Click on Lock Icon to Unlock It , and then Type Administrator Name and Password and then Click on Unlock .
Create New User account in Mac OS X
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5. Now Click on + Icon Beneath User Account List .
Create New User account in Mac OS X
6.  Now Select Account Type (Standard )  from the New Account pop-up menu .
  • Administrator – An Administrator can create , delete and Modify user account . It can change any type of setting in System .
  • Standard   – Standard account is a limited account , it can install software for its own use , it can not create User account, delete or Modify .
A-  Type the  Full name of Account holder , then It will automatically Generate Account name . If you want to use different account name then Type Now , After that account created you can’t change account name .
B-  Type password in the Password field then again verify password .
C-  Now type Password hint for remember password for user .
Create New User account in Mac OS X
Now Click on Create user and then you will see that you account has been created.
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