How to Create Drop Down List In Excel 2007

Create Drop Down List In Excel 2007 will increase the performance of your excel sheet. It will save your time to type list again and again . you can select item of list just one click on drop down list .  It will make entry easier in excel sheet.  
Create Drop Down List In Excel

Create Drop Down List In Excel 2007

1. Open Microsoft Excel Worksheet , then create the Item list in one Column which you want to add in drop down list .
2. Now Select the Cell where you want to Add Drop Down List , then Click on Data Tab , then Click on the Data Validation from the Data Tools box .
3. Now Click on the Setting Tab on the Data Validation Dialog Box and then Select List from Allow Drop Down List .
4. Now on the Click on the Right side Icon from the Source Box , then Data Validation Dialog Box will be open .
Now Select Cells of list which you have created from top to Bottom then Selected Range will Appear on Dialog Box and again click on Right side Icon and then Click on Ok.
Another way you can select range of List manually type the range of list on the Source Box
Ex –$B$2:$B$8 
Where Represent  B is the List Column, and 2 represent starting Row of List and 8 represent  is the last row of the list Item .
 5. Now you will see that Drop Down Box has been Created . Click on the Drop Down Arrow and then Select Item .
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