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How to Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software

How to Download Facebook Videos

In this post you will learn How to Download Facebook Videos without any third party software. Its a good news for Facebook user to download favorite videos very easily. Now a day people uploading videos on Facebook like Funny Videos, Entertainment…
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How to Delete Run Command History In Windows 7

You can delete Run Command History In Windows 7 through Registry editor tool. Each successful Run command saved in database of Registry. For privacy purpose you can clear run command history so that other person can not access that command….
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Best Data Recovery Software You Can Depend On

Best Data Recovery Software

Best Data Recovery Software There are many kinds of data recovery software out there but there are not many that have the ability to protect everything you do and let you get back to business. EaseUS is the best data recovery…
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What Is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) used over the Internet to transfer Files. FTP Uses the Internet’s TCP/IP protocol to enable transfer. The User can download a file from a server or upload a file from using FTP….
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What is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol   Email from an E-mail client are sent to server using SMTP. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used for transferring email from an email client to server, and one mail server to another mail server….
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CheckPoint Firewall Interview Question and Answer

CheckPoint Firewall Interview Question

I am share with Checkpoint Firewall Interview Question and Answer. These question generally ask in interview.  its also my personal experience. Checkpoint Firewall is award winner security firewall. Every Corporate organization used Checkpoint firewall for Internal Network security purpose. Security…
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What is Difference Between BOOTP and DHCP

Here we explain difference between BOOTP and DHCP protocol. The BOOTP is the host configuration protocol developed before DHCP. BOOTP is mainly used for Diskless workstation and DHCP is used for Windows Network. A computer terminal which does not have…
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