Computer networking

What is DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configure Protocol ) Server

What is DHCP

DHCP (Dynamic host configure protocol) server used assign IP address to client computer in network. it is used to provide automatically an IP address in network and reduce configuration effort. DHCP server has pre-defined range of IP address, which is…
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What is DNS Server

DNS Server ( Domain name system) used to resolve the IP address in to Domain name and Domain name in to IP address.DNS is integrated with ADS, DHCP and WINS. it work with work group as well as Domain. DNS…
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What is Routing – Type of Routing In Computer Networks

There are three type of Routing in Computer Networks. Routing is a process, which used to send packet from source to destination. A device which is responsible for transfer packet from source to destination known as Router.┬áRouting protocol is responsible…
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