Computer Networking Devices – Repeater, HUB and Router

There are many computer networking Device which play vital role to connect Computer Together in Local Are Network and also a medium of communication with wide  area network. There are some device which is used to share data, information and resources with the network .

we must have to understand how these computer Networking device operate their functions properly .

Computer Networking Devices

Computer Networking Devices


1. Repeater
2. HUB
3. Switch
4. Bridge
5. Router


               Repeater is a computer networking device. Repeater work on the physical layer on the Network. it is used to regenerates signal from one to another.  its used for extend distance of network and boosting weak signal, without any filtration which is data can safely travel in network.


        HUB is a center device used to connect multiple computer and networking device  to each other it is used in LAN, Home or small business. HUB work on Physical layer in OSI model. HUB is a half duplex device. If any packet inter any port of  HUB then it will broadcast packet on all outgoing port on HUB. It is used in network which use twisted pair cabling to Connect Device.
There are two type of HUB
  1. Passive
  2. Active
 In Passive HUB if any electrical signal of incoming packet being weak then it will no be amplify that signal before broadcasting in network.
In Active HUB if any electrical signal would be weak of packet then that packet will be amplify before broadcasting packet in network. for amplify signal responsible device called Repeater.


Bridge Used to connect multiple network segment. whenever bridge receive any frame then look for the destination address if destination address not found then frame will no be transmit. Bridge broadcast all outgoing port.  Bridge work on the Data link layer of the OSI Model.


Router is used to connect two different different network together. Its used to connect large network. Router used to receive and transfer data from one network to another network. used to route packet among the Networks. Router also used to choose shortest path to route the packet to the Destination. Router Work on layer 3 of OSI Model thats why Router Called Layer 3 Device.  there are some type of router Which is used in Large network
  • Brouter
  • Core Router
  • Edge Router
  • Virtual Router
  • Wireless Router
Cisco Router
Router also create a routing table. routing table play the vital role to perform Router task. Router collect information of their network and store in Routing Table Database.
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