Play Computer Networking Basic Self Test Quiz

This is the Computer Networking Basic Self test Quiz Question and answer. Its a best way to analyze yourself about Computer Networking Knowledge. Everybody who is related to IT Technology field should be knowledge about Computer Networking. Because its play vital role in Communication technology and every where.

Computer Networking Basic Self Test Quiz


Which Cable used to Connect PC to PC or Switch to Switch


Class A IP Address Rang is…….


Switch is the Breakup ………. Domain


IP Addresses are define at ………………….  Layer on OSI Model


224 – 239 IP Address Range belong with which Class


If you are using Subnet Mask then What is Maximum number of Host you can assign in a Subnet..



……………………………  is a Connection Oriented Protocol


How Many Layer in OSI Model


Set Following in Encapsulation Order based on OSI Model


Packet , Frame , Segment , Bit


What is the Port Number is DHCP Server and DHCP Client


Privet IP Address Rang of Class-C Network Is


In the Below Diagram Which Type Cable will Used to Connect Switch 1 to Switch 2





Router used to Transmit …….. From Source to Destination.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Port Number is…..


Router Work on Which layer on OSI Model


DHCP Stand for ………..


Telnet Protocol Port Number is ……


Which Layer Represented By Frame in OSI Model


HUB is a Full Duplex Device


SMTP Stand For ……..


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This Quiz Text has 20 Question after Complete Quiz. It will Show Your Obtain Marks out of 100. There is Also Show Grade Just like Excellence, Grade A , Grade B, and Grade C depend on your Obtain Marks.

Now Play Quiz and Enjoy.

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  1. Venkat

    224 – 239 IP Address Range belong with which Class

    Class – A
    Class – C
    Class – B
    Class – D

    Ans: D
    But it is showing Ans as C..

    1. Rakesh Kumar (Post author)

      Hello Venkat

      Now its ok try again


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