How to Clear the Print Spooler Queue in Windows 7

[post_ad]Suppose you are giving one by one print continue due to hung print job then print job will struck on print Spooler services . If will will give new print command that will be also hang  and print will not come out. then you will have to Clear print queue . 

Before Clear print Spooler Queue you have to Stop print Spooler service .

Follow these steps to Clear Print Spooler Queue 

1.  Click on Start Button then type services.msc in search box and press Enter .

2. In the services windows, Right-click on Print Spooler then Click on Stop to stop print spooler services 

3. Now go to the Following path -:
 Open Printers folder and delete Its all content until it is Empty .

4. Now Go to the step 1 , and Right-Click on print Spooler then Click on Start .

Now Print Spooler Queue has been Cleared and you can take print .

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Rakesh Kumar
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