What is SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protocol

SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protocol

SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protocol is a developed by Netscape for transmission data over the internet. SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) Protocol is designed to provide security, and encryption to the data generated from application layer. SSL Protocol mainly used…
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About Open shortest path first (OSPF) Protocol

About OSPF

Open shortest path first (OSPF) Protocol is a link state routing  protocol and open standard protocol mean to say that it can be used with any vendor  not like EIGRP. it is interior gateway routing protocol used to distribute routing information with in…
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What is Default Routing

[post_ad]Default Routing used only in a stub network  which has only one exit interface in this type of Routing administrator dose not has knowledge of the destination but it must know the next hope address . it is mainly used…
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What is an IP Address in Computer Networks

What is an IP Address

Everyone should be aware about what is an IP address in Computer networks. IP stand for Internet Protocol.  IP(Internet protocol) address is an logical address which is provide unique identification to our computer. It is used to communicate with other…
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