Cisco networking

What Is Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

What Is Border Gateway Protocol

In this CCNP Route tutorial Article you will learn What is Border gateway Protocol. BGP Routing Protocol used to manage entire network that how packet will route across network and also responsible for exchange Routing and reachability information in network….
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What Is Etherchannel In Computer Networking

What is Etherchannel

In this article you will learn, What is EtherChannel and types of EtherChannel. EtherChannel is a technology which bundle two or more switch port together to get high bandwidth. This technology also known as Link aggregation. When multiple Physical ethernet…
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What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Virtual Private Network

VPN (Virtual Private Network) provide secure communication between private network over Internet (Public Network). It used within a company or organizations. VPN maintains fast, secure and reliable communication between computers at remote location. VPN Enable geographically scattered employee of organizations…
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Port Number and Protocol Name List in Computer

Port Number and Protocol

Port number and Protocol used to Identify Sender and Receiver massage in a communication. Post number used to make secure communication between two devices, like Server and client. Each protocol has its own unique port number. because device understand service…
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Difference between Public IP Address and Private IP address

Difference Between Public IP Address and Privet IP Address. IP(Internet protocol) address is an logical address which is provide unique identification to our computer. It is used to communicate with other device in network. Every Computer has it own Unique address know…
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