CISCO ASA Firewall Interview Question and Answer

In You post you will get CISCO ASA Firewall Interview Question and Answer. It will help Network Security engineer to crack interviews. These Network security Interview Question ask in every interviews. because now a days cyber Security job is in booming in IT Sector.

CISCO ASA Firewall Interview Question



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  1. What is Security Level In ASA Firewall

Ans – Security level define to the Firewall Interface, Firewall Security Level can be 0-100. Where 100 is the highest security level on ASA firewall and most trusted Zone, By default its define to the Inside Interface. 0 is the lowest security level on the ASA Firewall, Its a define to the untrusted zone, such as Outside interface.

By default traffic allow from Higher Security Level to lower security level and traffic from lower security level to higher security level by default denied.

2. What is AAA
Ans– AAA stands for – Authentication, authorization and Accounting

Authentication – Authentication is the process, provide credential to the user, to Login on Servers or Devices with user ID and Password. Authenticate individual user to access Network or Server.

Authorization – Authentication is the process, Allow specific services or resources to the authenticate users. Means Which services user can access from server, such as – Read only, read write etc.

Accounting – Accounting is the process, Keeping the track of user activity after authenticate and authorized, Means that what task done by user, will go to the user account. Accounting user for audit purpose.

CISCO ASA Firewall Interview Question

3. What is default  TCP Session timeout..

Ans – 60 Minutes.

4. What is command to enable failover in ASA firewall

Ans – Failover

5. What is Default route configuration command in ASA Firewall.

Ans – ASA(config)# 0 0 <next-hope>

6. What is default Security Level for Inside Zone in ASA.

Ans – 100

7. What is default  Security Level for outside Interface in ASA Firewall.

Ans – 0

8. What is a Transparent Firewall.

Ans – Transparent firewall act line a layer 2 device, Transparent firewall can be easily deploy on existing network.Transparent Firewall allow layer 3 traffic from higher security level to lower security level without an access list.

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9. What is Stateful Inspection.

Answer – Stateful Firewall maintain the connection table, which keeps the track of the active connection. Its Maintain the dynamic connection table that continuously updated with state of each connection. Stateful Firewall first inspect session table instead of security policy.

10. What is command to permit traffic in same security level in ASA.

Ans – same-security-traffic permit inter-interface

11. What command to check NAT table IN Cisco ASA.

Ans – show nat detail

12. Which command used to switch Multiple mode to Single mode.

Ans – mode single

This article ( Cisco ASA firewall Interview Question and answer will help you to crack Network Security Interview.

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