CheckPoint Firewall Self Practice Question and Answer

This is the Checkpoint Firewall self practice question and answer. Through this multiple question and answer you can test your self about Checkpoint firewall knowledge. 


CheckPoint Firewall Self Practice Question

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Which of the following rule used to protect Security Gateway.


Which is following Component Store Security Log Database in Checkpoint Firewall


What is CCP( Cluster Control Protocol ) UDP port no.


A Connection is made from Internal Device to Internet with Source port 4006 and Destination port 80, Hide NAT Applied to connection then Which of the following would be Translated Port.


Which Following type of Firewall is an example of Checkpoint Firewall.


Which of the following tools can be used to create Security Objects.


ESP ( Encapsulation Security Payload) Protocol Provide.


ICMP Traffic is by default allow from Implicit rule in Checkpoint Firewall R77.


Which of the following tool used for History Log in CheckPoint Firewall


Which of the following component generate Log in Checkpoint firewall model.


Which Command used to Monitor Cluster Status In Checkpoint.


Which of the following check from Anti-spoofing at Checkpoint Firewall Interface.


AH ( Authentication Header) Protocol not Provide…………………


Which of the following TCPDump command used to capture traffic on interface Eth0.


A Network is defined on the NAT tab for Object, The hiding IP address is configured as Then What is the Public IP address for the Internal device with a private IP address


A company use a IP address range 172.16.X X, Which of the following NAT form used to connect with Internet in Checkpoint Firewall.


Dual NAT is not Possible in Manual NAT.


Which of the following Describe Hide NAT.


………………. used for Secure Communication between Security Gateway and Security Management.


What Component used to Create, Delete and Manage Policy in Checkpoint Firewall.


Which of the SmartConsole tools used for, Which rule drop the traffic In Checkpoint Firewall.


Which SmartConsol Application will you use to see the Logs.


Which of the following describe Static NAT.


Port Forwarding is possible in Automatic NAT in CheckPoint Firewall.


Which of the Following Firewall type Operate at Only Layer 3/4 of the OSI Model.


Where will you place the Management rule in the Rule base.


Which is the following is the Private IP Address

(Choose two)


Which are following component in three Tier CheckPoint Firewall Architecture.


TCP is Consider as a ……………………… Protocol.


Proxy ARP Automatic Enabled In ………………….

(Fill in the Blank)



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