How to Change Drive Letter In Windows 7 Easily

You can Change Drive Letter in windows 7 Computer according to you. Drive Letter A and B already reserve for Floppy Disk. If floppy drive not install then you can assign A and B drive letter to your Drive. Some times windows take default drive letter which you don’t like.  Its very easy to assign your own drive letter in windows 7 PC. 

Change Drive Letter In Windows 7


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1.  Click on Start Menu, then Right-Click on Computer then Click on Manage.
Change Drive Letter In Windows 7
2. On the Computer Management Windows. Click on Disk Management then Right-click on Driver Which you want to Change Drive letter. Click on Change Drive letter and Path.. .
Change Drive Letter In Windows 7
3. Now Click on Drive Letter C: and then Click on Change… . .
Change Drive Letter In Windows 7
4. Now Click on Assign the following drive letter radio button. Then Click on Drive letter Drop-down menu and select drive letter  then Click on OK .
Change Drive Letter In Windows 7
5. Click on Yes to Next prompted windows, and then Close Computer Management windows.
Now you will see that your Drive letter has been changed. It will be easy to remember your specific drive. You can keep your own specific data in your Drive. Also you can secure your personal data, means that other user will not be access your important data. 
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