What is NAT – Network Address Translation

NAT (Network Address Translation) used to reduce the requirement of the Public IP address and increase security of Internal Computer Networks. NAT is a method in which Internal Network IP address translate into Public IP address before reach to external…
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CCNP Routing Interview Question and Answer

CCNA Routing Interview Question and Answer will help your to crack Interview easily. These Questions are mostly ask by Interviewer in CCNP Routing Profile. 1.What is routing? Routing is the process in which items are forwarded from one location to…
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How to Configure VLAN In Cisco Switch

Configure VLAN In Cisco Switch

VLAN is Stand for Virtual LAN.Configure VLAN In Cisco Switch. It means device  logically divided in to different-2 LAN. Its improve security and reliability of your network. Switch create logical broadcast domain to each VLAN. In a Single Switch you can create…
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About Open shortest path first (OSPF) Protocol

About OSPF

Open shortest path first (OSPF) Protocol is a link state routing  protocol and open standard protocol mean to say that it can be used with any vendor  not like EIGRP. it is interior gateway routing protocol used to distribute routing information with in…
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what is Static Routing

[post_ad]In Static Routing administrator has  knowledge about  their network so he manually define the route in the routing table for routing packet from source to destination . Advantage of static routing-: There is no overhead on the CPU of Router so…
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What is Protocol In Computer Networking

Protocol in Computer Networking Play Vital Role to make Communication between Devices. Protocol is a setup rules and regulation which is allow communication and transfer data between two device. Protocol ensure that how to data transfer in the network and…
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