CCNP Routing

What is PPP Protocol In Computer Networks

What is PPP Protocol

What is PPP Protocol   In this article you will learn what is PPP Protocol in Computer Networking. Point to Point protocol used to establish connection between two device, PPP operate on data link Layer of OSI Model. Its used…
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What Is Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

What Is Border Gateway Protocol

In this CCNP Route tutorial Article you will learn What is Border gateway Protocol. BGP Routing Protocol used to manage entire network that how packet will route across network and also responsible for exchange Routing and reachability information in network….
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CCNP Routing Interview Question and Answer

CCNA Routing Interview Question and Answer will help your to crack Interview easily. These Questions are mostly ask by Interviewer in CCNP Routing Profile. 1.What is routing? Routing is the process in which items are forwarded from one location to…
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What is Routing – Type of Routing In Computer Networks

There are three type of Routing in Computer Networks. Routing is a process, which used to send packet from source to destination. A device which is responsible for transfer packet from source to destination known as Router.┬áRouting protocol is responsible…
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