About Open shortest path first (OSPF) Protocol

About OSPF

Open shortest path first (OSPF) Protocol is a link state routing  protocol and open standard protocol mean to say that it can be used with any vendor  not like EIGRP. it is interior gateway routing protocol used to distribute routing information with in…
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What is Routing Loops in Computer Networking

Routing Loops In Computer Networking

Routing loops in Computer Networking is a common problem occur in the network during forwarding  packet from source to destination. Routing loop is a condition in which packet is continually moving in the circle without reaching destination. its happen due to miss communication, incorrect…
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What is Dynamic Routing In Computer Networks

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing is unlike Static routing, on which administrator manually define network and route in router. A type of Dynamic Routing, which protocol are used to find best and shortest path for route the data for the destination. Its used…
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What is Default Routing

[post_ad]Default Routing used only in a stub network  which has only one exit interface in this type of Routing administrator dose not has knowledge of the destination but it must know the next hope address . it is mainly used…
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