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What is PPP Protocol In Computer Networks

What is PPP Protocol

What is PPP Protocol   In this article you will learn what is PPP Protocol in Computer Networking. Point to Point protocol used to establish connection between two device, PPP operate on data link Layer of OSI Model. Its used…
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CISCO ASA Firewall Interview Question and Answer

CISCO ASA Firewall Interview Question

In You post you will get CISCO ASA Firewall Interview Question and Answer. It will help Network Security engineer to crack interviews. These Network security Interview Question ask in every interviews. because now a days cyber Security job is in…
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What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Virtual Private Network

VPN (Virtual Private Network) provide secure communication between private network over Internet (Public Network). It used within a company or organizations. VPN maintains fast, secure and reliable communication between computers at remote location. VPN Enable geographically scattered employee of organizations…
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What is NAT – Network Address Translation

NAT (Network Address Translation) used to reduce the requirement of the Public IP address and increase security of Internal Computer Networks. NAT is a method in which Internal Network IP address translate into Public IP address before reach to external…
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What is Firewall

Firewall provide security system in our network. there is two type of firewall hardware firewall and software firewall it is used to prevent unauthorized accessing in network from outside and internal network. if any unauthorized user want communicate between the…
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