How to Block Websites Internet Explorer

You can Block Websites Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is most popular Web Browser in the in the world. Its developed by Microsoft and Its a inbuilt feature of windows operating system. Till now Microsoft launched many version of Internet Explorer. Now i am going to tell how to block websites in Internet explorer. You can block any websites in Internet Explorer. Its a good for Internet Explorer user to block unwanted and adult websites .
Block Websites Internet Explorer


Block Websites Internet Explorer


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1. First of All Open Internet Explorer . then Click on Tools Menu bar . and then Click on Internet Options
2. Now Click on Content tab and then Click on Enable button in the Content Adviser box and then will prompt password dialog box to Enable content adviser now put password and then click on Ok . 
3. Now Click on Settings button in the Content Adviser box .
4. Now on the Content Adviser windows , Click on Approved Sites tab then type the Websites address ( ) in the Allow this websites: field and then Click on Never .
If you want to Complete websites then Put * front of the websites name Ex- *
5.  Now you will see that Website ( ) has been added in the Block List now click on Apply .
6. Now Click on General tab then under the User option select users can see websites that have no rating check box .
If you want to change password then click on Change password button in the Supervisor password box .
7. Now type Old Password and put new one password and also type hint of password and then click on Ok.
8. Now Click Apply => Ok and the Again Apply => Ok .
Now If you will try to open Blocked Websites ( ) then Internet will Pop Up Massage that This page was blocked by your approved sites list .
User can view block website by the put Supervisor password .

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