How to Block Ads in Google Chrome using Adblock

Block Ads in Google Chrome. Nowdays first choice of Advertiser is internet because of  most of the people using internet. But you want to block ads to display of your Webpages because of interrupted when you are working and it very irritating Then you can block Ads to display on your page in Google Chrome. it will also help to increase your internet speed.

Block Ads in Google Chrome


2. Now Click on Extensions Under Chrome and then Click on Get more extensions link on the Right pane .

3. Now on the Chrome web store type Adblock on the Search bar, then Press Enter to Find. After Find out on the right pane AdBlock .
4. Now Click on + Free  blue Link .

5. Now it will Ask for Confirm New Extension then Click on Add .
 Now After few second Adblock Add-On will Installed on your google Chrome. Now you will see Ads has been block on your Webpage.
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