How to Block a Sender In Mac OS X Mail

Block a sender in Max OS X Mail its a very simple. Suppose someone sending Unwanted or Abusing Email regularly then you want to Block that sender. Mail will automatic delete from that sender whom you will be block.  You block block or send that mail on spam and Bin Folder Automatically. Its a Great feature In Mac OS X Mail.

 Block a Sender In Mac OS X Mail


Block a Sender In Mac OS X Mail

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1. First of all login with your Mac Mail, then Click on Mail menu and then Click on Preferences .


2. Now on the Mail Preference Windows, Click on Rules Tab and then Click on Add Rule.
Add Rules In Mac Mail



3. Now Assign the Name of the New Rule in the Description section, then Now in the Condition section click on Drop-down menu then Select From again click on next drop-down menu and Select Contains and then Put Email address ( whom you want to Block.

 Description –  Block Sender

 From                           Contains             

Now on the Action Section Click on First drop-down menu and then Select Delete Message.

 Block a Sender In Mac OS X Mail


6. Now Click on OK  and then Click on Apply.

Now has been blocked if they will try to send email then it will automatically delete before reached in Inbox.


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