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Best Educational apps for board students will be helpful For students who are about to appear for their board exams in the near future, one of the challenges in front would be to pick the apt educational apps (Edu apps) for them to learn subjects. These apps would act as the catalyst to learn topics that most students find difficult to handle.  Here we have brought you certain apps that are worth considering during your exam preparations:

Educational apps for board students

Best Educational apps for board students


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  1. Memory App: This Edu app help students to improve their memory retention and recall skills. Students are well aware of the fact that they would have to remember key points, facts and other allied aspects related to the topics they learn. Practicing with this app sharpens your memory skills, recall the facts quickly and so on.

  1. Chemistry App: For students who wish to grasp topics related to the subject, this would certainly match their aspirations. The app discusses various topics like the elements in the periodic table, nucleobases and standard amino acids to quote a few. One of the added advantages of viewing these topics in mobile apps is that one would get to experience the unseen dimensions of the topics.


  1. Biology App: The name of the app is quite self-explanatory as it deals with one of the science subjects. Like all other subjects, Biology has its own significance. Students who are enthusiastic about augmenting their learning would be able to do it in a realistic manner by using this Biology app. With the aid of animated videos with graphics and other add-ons, the learning experience would turn enjoyable and informative at the same time.


  1. Physics App: This app would be the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge with practical application of concepts in physics like the law of thermodynamics, gravity and so on. These topics are of great relevance in competitive exams like JEE and so on.

  1. Maths App: This app has triggered the revolution in the domain of education, unlike any other apps. Until the arrival of this app, students never realized the fact that mathematics or Maths is an interesting subject in an unexplored manner. Upon its arrival, it has changed the approach of students from just memorizing formulas to visualizing concepts in an exciting manner.

Thus, the above discussion would have given you an idea about how Edu apps have been helping students to enjoy their learning process instead of considering it as a difficult or boring activity. Such is the impact it has on students nowadays that one could barely spot a student without using them in the years to come.


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