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What is Switch In Computer Networking

switch in Networking

Switch is a center device used to connect multiple computer each other for sharing data information. Switch is a intelligence device it is up gradation of bridge. Switch work on the Data Link layer of the OSI Model on the basis of the MAC…
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What Is OSI Model In Computer Networking

What is OSI Model

What Is OSI Model The OSI Model (Open system interconnection model) have 7 layer each layer is responsible for data communication in network. Layer is  a smaller part of communication system. The layer are divided in to part upper layer and…
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What is Firewall

Firewall provide security system in our network. there is two type of firewall hardware firewall and software firewall it is used to prevent unauthorized accessing in network from outside and internal network. if any unauthorized user want communicate between the…
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What is DNS Server

DNS Server ( Domain name system) used to resolve the IP address in to Domain name and Domain name in to IP address.DNS is integrated with ADS, DHCP and WINS. it work with work group as well as Domain. DNS…
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What is DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configure Protocol ) Server

What is DHCP

DHCP (Dynamic host configure protocol) server used assign IP address to client computer in network. it is used to provide automatically an IP address in network and reduce configuration effort. DHCP server has pre-defined range of IP address, which is…
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What is Routing – Type of Routing In Computer Networks

There are three type of Routing in Computer Networks. Routing is a process, which used to send packet from source to destination. A device which is responsible for transfer packet from source to destination known as Router. Routing protocol is responsible…
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Type of Computer Networking- LAN, MAN, WAN

Type of Computer Networking

There is many type of Computer Networking – LAN, MAN, WAN, SAN etc. Computer Networking Play Vital role in Information Technology. Its use to connect two or more computer together to share data, information and resources each other.  In your…
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Introduction of Infromation Technology

Information Technology is a body of knowledge used to create tools, develop skills, technology. It can be used to refer to way of doing something or a means of organization for instance, democracy might be considered a social technology. The…
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