How to Assign IP address in Windows 7

When you want to connect you PC in Local Area Network (LAN), Then you should be assign IP Address. Without assign IP address you can’t able to communicate your pc within network.  IP Address is the logical address which is provide Identification on your Computer. There is to type of assign IP address in the network. If DHCP server running on your network , then you no need to assign IP address manually.  DHCP server will automatic provide IP address to the client Computer within their network.

Assign IP address


There are to way to assign IP address in Windows 7

1. Dynamic IP address.
2. Static IP address.

Here we are going to learn how to

Assign Static IP address

1. Click start button, then click to Control panel, then click on Network and sharing center.
2. Click on Changed Adapter setting on Network and sharing center windows.

Assign IP address

3. Right Click on the Local area Connection , then click on Properties.
Assign IP address
4. Select Internet Protocol version4(TCP/IPv4), then click on Properties.
Assign IP address
5. Click Use the following IP address Radio button and assign IP address
             IP address     –
             Subnetmask   –
             Default Gateway-

Then click Use the following DNS server addresses Radio button then assign DNS server IP address.

             Preferred DNS server        –
             Alternate DNS server         –
Assign IP address
Note – To assign dynamic, You have to select Obtain an IP address automatically radio button and Select Obtain DNS Server address automatically. 
Then Click Ok. Then Close.

Now you will see that you computer connected with your Local Network and also it will run Internet. You can check IP address successfully assign or not in windows 7. Go to Run command type cmd, then on the command prompt type IPCONFIG. then you will see assigned IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway address etc.

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