How to allow user to Run only specific Application in Windows 7

allow user to Run only specific Application in Windows 7. If you are a System Administrator of a Company and as your Company standard user can run only specified Application which is authorized. then your task is How to allow user to run Only Specified Program such as MS word , Internet explorer, MS excel and Notepad .
Allow User to Run

allow user to Run only specific Application

1. Click on Start Button , then Type in Search Box gpedit.msc and press Enter .

2. In the Local Computer Policy Editor windows ,  Navigate User Configuration => Administrative Template => System then on the Right Pane Double-click on Run Only Specified windows application .
3. Click on Enable Radio Button , then Click on Show .

4. Enter exe file name of those program which is you have to Allow to Run , then press OK. 
such as-:
MS word               —  winword.exe
MS excel              —   excel.exe
Internet explore  —   iexplore.exe
Notepad               —   notepad.exe

5.  Now allow user run only four specified program if user will try to run another program then Error message will show like this…
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