How to Add Multiple Time Zone Clock on Windows 7 Taskbar

You can add multiple time zone clock on windows 7 taskbar on the bottom Right. If you have related to International business then you will often n need to different-2 Time zone windows PC. Then you can add this on taskbar to easily view. Then there is no need to search another website to see time on another Zone. It will give to current time on clock icon. It will show on both Clock Analog and digital. You can add upto more 2 Clock and Time Zone.

Add Multiple Time Zone Clock on Windows 7

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1. First of all, Right-click on Clock on Right side taskbar and then Click on Adjust date/time.


Click on Start Button then type Date and Time in search box, then Press Enter.

Add Multiple Time Zone Clock on Windows 7

2. Now Date and Time Dialog Box Will Prompt, Then Click on Additional Clocks Tab.

  • Now if you want to add 1 more Clock then Select first Show this Clock check box. Then Click on Select time Zone drop-down menu, then Select Time Zone which you want to Add. Then Type the name of your Clock in Enter display name Field.
  • If you want to two more Clock then you will have to select second show this clock check box. Then select second time zone then type name.

Add Multiple Time Zone Clock on Windows 7

3. Now Click on Apply and OK.

4. Now when you will hover the mouse over the Clock on right side of taskbar, Then It will show the Local Time Zone and another two Time zone which you have setup.

Add Multiple Time Zone Clock on Windows 7

5. Now when you will click on the Clock on the Taskbar Clock, Digital Clock will popup with 3 different time Zone and Calendar. 

Add Multiple Time Zone Clock on Windows 7

Ok, You have been see that how to setup different time zone on windows computer. I think its a helpful post for whom related to International business.

Watch Tutorial Video Now

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