How to Add Google Drive to Windows Send to Menu

You can Add Google Drive to Windows Send to Menu. After that there is no need to copy and Folder or files to Google Drive. You can directly Right-click on Folder and send to the Google Drive. Its very easy way to share folder on Network Drive without drag and drop. 

Google Drive is the Cloud storage and Backup system. Through Which you can upload and Access files from anywhere. You can take backup your Files, Photo, Video, etc on Google Drive. There is Great feature is that you can create your Document like Spreadsheet, Presentation slide, Form etc. Its Uploading Limit is upto 15GB. You can Increase it Limit upto 30Gb through Google Apps.

 Add Google Drive to Windows Send to Menu


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1. First of all Install Google Drive Setup on your PC.

2. Now Press Windows + R Key From Keyboard. Then Run Command Dialog Box Will prompt.

3. Now Type Below Command on Run Command Filed then Click on OK Button.


 Add Google Drive to Windows Send to Menu

4. Now a SendTo Windows Explorer Will open. Then Right Click on Block area then Click on New and then Shortcut. To Create Google Drive Shortcut.


You can Also Copy Google Drive Shortcut and then Paste on Send to Windows Explorer.

  Add Google Drive to Windows Send to Menu

5. Now Click on Browse on Create Shortcut Dialog box. Then Browse folder on which Google Drive Installed and then Click on Next.

 Add Google Drive to Windows Send to Menu

6. Now Type the name of Shortcut “Google Drive” which you want to show on Send to Menu. Then Click on Finish. Close Windows Explorer .

7. Now you will See that Google Drive has been added on context or Send to Menu on your Windows 7. If you will have to Add any folder or files on Google Drive then Right-Click on that Folder. Then Click on Send to then Click on Google Drive.

 Add Google Drive to Windows Send to Menu

Now you will See your Technet 2U Folder has been Uploaded in Google Drive Cloud System. You can get access it from anywhere.

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