How to Add Google Calendar In Microsoft Outlook 2007

You can view Google Calender Side by Side in Outlook 2007. Its very easy to Add Google Calendar In Microsoft Outlook 2007. Its a best way to subscribe Google Calendar in Outlook . Icalender (Ical) calender is supported by MS Outlook and Google thats why we able to Add Google Calender in Outlook .
Only you can view Google Calender in MS Outlook 2007 , you can not edit and delete event from MS Outlook in Google Calender.
1. First of all Go to Google Calender and then login with Google Account .
2. Now On the Google Calender page , on the Left pane Under My Calender , Click the Calender name  ( Rakesh Kumar) arrow button which Calender you want to Add and then Click on Calendar Settings.
3. Now In the Private Address Section Click on the ICAL button .
4.  Now a Dialog box will prompt then Select Link and then Right -click then Click on Copy and then Click on Ok.

Add Google Calender to Outlook 2007

5. Now Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 and then Click on Tools menu bar and then Click on Account Settings.. .
6.  Now on the Account setting Windows Click on the Internet Calendars and then Click on New.. .
7. Now Paste the the URL which you have Copied from Google Calender and then Click on Add .
8. Now on the Subscription option windows, Give the Folder name which which name you want to Appear on Calender , then Type Description of Calendar .
Now on the Update Limit Section Check box should be Enable , and then Click on Ok .
9. Now Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 and then Click on Calendar on the Left pane, then under the Other Calendars , Enable Check box of Google Calendar (Technet 2U) .
Now you will see that Outlook Calendar and Google Calender Both Display Simultaneously .
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